Cookies list

Cookies list

First-party cookies

The table below explains the first party cookies features that our site may use depending on active services and actions by website visitors.





Session ID, required by the website to track your session.

Until end of session


Records whether or not your browser has JavaScript enabled.

Until end of session

X-Mapping-* Used by our website's load balancer Until end of session


Indicates your cookie perferences

1 year


Indicates which version of the cookie choices policy you have been shown. You will always be shown the latest version

1 year

alumni-exit-intent-seen Prevents the exit intent survey for popping up repeatedly 5days

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit

Google Analytics

This site runs Google Analytics, which uses four cookies for tracking visitors to the site.

  • These cookies store information about what time the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before, and what site referred the visitor to the web page.
  • No data specific to any identifiable user is retained, and we do not share our data with any other Google services.
  • With the values gained from these cookies Google Analytics can interpret journeys through our website content, give us information about how people use our site and so allow us to improve it.
  • Due to shortcomings in Google Analytics the cookies for are returned to any web site in We believe that the Google Analytics code on these other sites will ignore these extra cookies.
  • Google Analytics information about privacy and cookies may be found at and
  • As a user you may opt out of the process Google Analytics uses to collect traffic log data (should your web browser be compatible). Google provides a browser add-on that enables a user to opt out of receiving Google Analytics cookies -
_ga Persistent for 2 years
_gat Persistent for 10 minutes
_gat_camTracker Persistent for 10 minutes
_gid Persistent for 1 day

Google reCAPTHCA

The Google reCAPTCHA service helps prevent malicious and fraudulent activity using forms on our website. The service works by collecting hardware and software information, such as device and appliation data, and sending these data to Google for analysis. The information collected in connection with this is used by Google for general security services, and improving reCAPTCHA. It will not be used for personalised advertising by Google. Where Google identifies a form submission as high-risk, the form submission will be blocked.

The _grecaptcha key is stored in  your browser's local storage, for this purpose.

You can find out more about how Google processes your data in the Google Privacy and Terms notice.

Stripe payment gateway

The Stripe payment gateway is used on some of our event registration and online donation pages. Our website stores two cookies when you submit a payment via a Stripe form:

__stripe_mid Persistent for 1 year
__stripe_sid Persistent for 30 minutes

These cookies are used by Stripe for fraud prevention.

For more information, please see Stripe's Cookie Policy.

Third party cookies and embedded services


Optional personalisation cookies are set for us to track your behaviour in our applications. This helps us to improve your experience

recordID  Persistent for 1 year
dmSessionID  Persistent for 20 minutes


We use the Issuu document reader to provide an interactive experience for reading some documents on our website. When you visit a page containing one of these readers the following cookies will be set on your computer:

NAME Domain PURPOSE Duration
IDE Related to advertising from Google's doubleclick service Approximately 1 year
__gads Related to the Issuu service Approximately 2 years
__qca Related to the Issuu service Approximately 1 year
iutk Related to the Issuu service Approximately 10 years

Please see Issuu's privacy policy for more information.


We will occasionally embed audio in the website, using the Soundcloud service, to provide a more engaging user experience. On pages with a Soundcloud media embed, the following cookies will be set:

NAME Domain PURPOSE Duration
UID Stores a unique identifier related to analytics for Soundcloud Approximately 2 years
UIDR Stores a unique identifier related to analytics for Soundcloud Approximately 2 years
__utma Related to Google Analytics for Soundcloud Approximately 2 years
__utmb Related to Google Analytics for Soundcloud Approximately 30 minutes
__utmc Related to Google Analytics for Soundcloud End of session
__utmt Related to Google Analytics for Soundcloud Approximately 5 minutes
__utmz Related to Google Analytics for Soundcloud Approximately 6 months
sc_anonymous_id Related to the Soundcloud service Approximately 10 years

The Soundcloud service also utilizes web storage to store additional information.

Please refer to Soundcloud's cookie information page for more information.


We will occasionally embed content from Spotify, including playlists, in the website. This is to provide a richer user experience on our website, usually in articles associated with the Graduation Yearbook and CAM (Cambridge Alumni Magazine).

Depending on your user preferences, Spotify sets the following cookies:

NAME Domain PURPOSE Duration
sp_landing Stores our website URL and a description of the device you are using for Spotify Approximately 1 day
sp_t Stores an identifier used by Spotify Approximately 1 year

Additionally, any cookies that may be set by the Spotify website will be accessible by the Spotify embed.

For more information, please see Spotify's cookie information.


This site may occasionally use Twitter feeds, which use cookies. You can find out information about Twitter’s privacy policy here:


We will occasionally embed YouTube videos in the website to provide a more engaging user experience. Where possible we will use a 'privacy enhanced' embed which will not set any cookies until the media is played. When the media is played, web storage is used to set certain information about your visit. Please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Vimeo and

We sometimes embed Vimeo videos to make the website more engaging and we use to improve the websites look and feel.  Vimeo and will store a functional cookie called '__cf_bm'. This cookie is party of CloudFlare's bot management service and is not used for tracking your data. It has a expiration period of 30 minutes. You can read more about the cookie here: